Bible Courses: Prophets, AMOS reading guide

AMOS reading guide
Amos innovated preaching, writing, prophecy.  He spoke at a time of political and economic security (short lived).
1:1f            Title and opening premise
1:3-2:5       Formulaic oracles against a list of nations leading up to Israel
2:6-16        Oracle against Israel: punishment for economic injustice (:9-12 Deuteronomic comment)
3:1-8          Amos’ thoughts about cause and effect
3:9-15        The world will watch the destruction of Israel
4:1-3          Wealthy women, “Bashan cows,” will be particularly punished
4: 4-5         Post exilic addition re improper sacrifices
4: 6-13       List of ineffective punishments leading up to final judgement
5: 1-3         Dirge over Israel
5: 4-25       Warning about injustice.  “Seek Yah and live” “justice into wormwood,” evil, good,
                   justice, “Let justice roll down as water” ויגל כמים משפט, no sacrifices
5: 26-27     Deuteronomic addition re idolatry
6: 1-7         Wealthy, luxury livers, will be first exiled
6: 8-14       Ominous oracle: absurd sins, awful destruction
7: 1-9         Three phantasms of destruction: locusts, fire, wall out of plumb
7: 10-17     Priest challenges Amos.  “I am not a prophet!”
8: 1-3         Fourth phantasm of destruction: basket of summer fruit
8: 4-14       Economic oppression, cheating, disaster, including spiritual famine
9: 1-4         Fifth phantasm of destruction, God  standing by altar
9: 5-15       Optimistic, universalistic ending; added during period of exile

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