Bible Courses: Prophets, HOSEA reading guide

HOSEA Reading Guide

1:1-2:3          Hosea’s marriage, naming of children
2:4-25           Defection and retribution, reconciliation and renewal
3                   Hosea and the woman

4:1-3            Preface to state of the nation
4:4-9            Chief priest and his sinning children
5:1-7            Leaders mislead
5:8-11          Bad politics
5:12-15        Assyria no help against  Yah’s will
6:1-3            Repentance
6:4-6            Yah responds
6:7-7:2         Gangs of thieving priests
7:3-7            Drunken priests

7:8-16          Ephriam depending on foreigners
8:1-8            Spiritual history of Israel: Calfof Samaria
8:9-14          More on foreign alliances
9:1-9            Sin, idolatry, devastation, prophets
9:1-17          More history and destiny
10:1-8          More history and destiny
10:9-15        More history and destiny
11                Yah’s feelings about history
12                Retrospect and prospect
13-14:1       The end of Ephraim
14:2-10       Repentance and restoration

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