Bible Courses: Prophets, JEREMIAH reading guide

JEREMIAH Reading guide

1            Inaugural call and vision of impending disaster/punishment
2            Your youthful loving   :5 Apostacy, Baal worship, social injustice  Note ref to Torah v.8
3-4:2            Return to Yahh (v.6-13 a separate passage inserted)
4            Circumcize your hearts before it is too late   Destruction of nature
5            Search for a just individual!    :23f  Disrespectful nation
6            The coming war/destruction  :14  שלום ואין שלום שלום  :16 refuse the right path
7            Temple Sermon   Self delusion  :16 Don’t pray!   :17 Queen(?) of the Sky
8            Disinter the bones   :8 How can you say you have Torah?
9            Despair at ubiquity of wickedness    :22 Be no pride in wisdom. . . but in justice
10            Absurdity of idolatry ~Is. 44:9-20      :22 Bad news from the north
11            Brit a la Deuteronomy7, 29   :18 Confession, prayer  Inform me. . .
12            Confession Why do the wicked prosper?  :7 God’s feelings  :14 another chance for Israel
13            A buried loincloth  :12 Every jug, filled with wine  :17 I weep inside   :22 leopard change
                its spots?
14-15:3   Drought  :8 Why, God?  :11 Don’t pray!  :13 Lying prophets  :1 Moshe/Shmuel couldn’t
                help now
15            They for the death, to the death   :10 Confession  Woe to me my mother :20 bronze wall
16            Don’t marry, children :10 ~Deuteronomy  :16 fishermen and hunters 
17            Mostly not Jer  :14 Confession, shame my pursuers  :21 no prophesying on Shabbat
18            Clay in potter’s hands  :13 Who ever heard such?  :18 Confession, complaint, plea
19-20:6   Separate passages: v.2-9, 11b-13 Death Valley  v.1-2a, 10-20:6  Shattered bottle, Jer arrested
20            :7 Confession, like fire  :14 Confession, Cursed be the day I was born           
21            God is on the side of N’vuchadretsar 
22-23:6    Do justice and righteousness, help the victim  :10 Weep not for the dead   Exile   23:1  
23            Return from exile  :9 Godless prophets (and priests)  :25 Lying prophets
24            2 baskets of figs, one good and one bad   Present exiles will be treated well
25            Baruch’s preface    :15-end belong with ch.46-51 Oracles against the nations
26            Response to Temple Sermon (ch.7)  Trial   :18  Reference to Micah 3:11f   Note
                Deuteronomy, 622
27-28       Diatribe Against Deluded Prophets   Yoke and fetters message to area kings
29            Letter to exiles in Babylonia   :24 Sh’mayahu responds   :30 response to Sh’mayahu
30-31       Hope for return of Israel (Northern Kingdom)    31:29 Sour grapes  :31 New Brit!  Internal
32            Jer buys a field at the worst time
33            Comfort, healing, return of Judah, Jer style but not authorship
34            Seditious words :1-7, resulting in imprisonment 38:1-13  :8 Reenslavement of freed slaves
35            The example of the Rechavim, piety, obedience
36            Jer writings recorded, destroyed, and recorded again
37            1-7 Editor’s well meaning mistake  :7b Continuation of 34:22  :17 Secret meeting with king
38            See 34:1-7 (also 21:8-10, 32:1-5)  Jer saved but remains imprisoned  :14 Version of secret
39            Fall of Jerusalem, fate of king (2Kings 25) Jer released to G’daliah  :15 EvedMelech to
40            Legend 1-6 
40:7-41:18  G’daliah history (cf 2Kings 25:22-26)
42-43:7   Jer and Baruch taken to Egypt
43-44      Prophecy re Egypt    44:7 Message against exiles   :17 Queen(?) of the Sky
45            Baruch to survive
46-51      Oracles against the nations (see 25:15) Egypt, Plylistia, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Damascus,
               Arabs, Elam, Babylon       Hope for Israel
52           Destruction, death, exile (2Kings 24:18-25:30)

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