Bible Courses: DEUTERONOMY Reading Guide

© Rabbi David L. Kline  

DEUTERONOMY, Reading Guide

* Because you were a slave in Egypt   

1   Time, place.  Journey: Chorev to Promised Land.  Tribal leaders.  Wilderness.  12 spies (Num 13).
2   Brotherly Edomite, Moabite, Amonite settlers.  40 years. Sichon/Emorites (Num 21:21).
3   Og (Num 21:33; 32:41).  Geography: Reuven, Gad, M’nashe.  Joshua.  No to Moses’ prayer.
4   LAWS AND ORDINANCES    Don’t add …. or delete    :6  shows that Israel is great, wise, understanding, and Godly    :15-24 theology    :25  Idolatry leads to punishment by annihilation    :41 cities of refuge    :44 This is the Torah. . .

5   THE TEN* at Horev (Ctr Exodus 20, 34)  Revelation terrifies most people.
6   Sh’ma, Thou shalt love. . .    Thank God for dispossessing the natives.    היינו עבדים*
7   Destroy the 7 indigenous nations, no intermarriage, no deals  They’ll teach you idolatry
:6  Israel is chosen and special to Yahh – patriarchs   :9  God faithful and consistent
:12  Retribution   :17 Divine protection against enemy nations: obligation  :25 Pagan shrines a trap
8   Wandering was a test and learning experience (ctr Num 14:26-38)  :7 Thank Yahh for good land  :19 idolatry results from forgetting
9   Don’t think you are virtuous; promise to patriarchs,  :6 Stiff necked people; molten calf :26  Moses wins argument with God (cf Ex 32:7-14, see comparison columns doc)
10  Tablets in box  :8 Levites  :12 see Micah 6:8  :17 Yahh is chief God, and looks out for underdog
11  Teach your children history!  :10 this land depends on Yahh for rain  :26 blessing and curse
12   Single sanctuary!  Offerings and their rules  :29 avoid syncretism
13   False prophet:17-19 Idolatrous family or city, cherem/obliteration

14   Yahh’s children: dietary restrictions :22 Food tithes to be consumed at sanctuary
15   Treatment of the poor*  sabbatical for loans  :12 Hebrew slave  :19 eat animal firstborn at santuary
16   3 sanctuary Festivals*.  :18 courts  Justice, justice shall ye pursue תרדוף צדק צדק  :21 idolatry
17   Stone an idolater  :8 high court at sanctuary :14  proper monarchy
18   Levitical priests  :9 pagan diviner replaced by PROPHET  :16 revelation hazardous  :19 authoritative
19   3 cities of refuge for manslaughter  :11 vengeance  for murder :15  witnesses  :21 lex talionis
20   War prep  :10 negotiate/battle  :17 cherem for indigenous peoples  :19 save the trees
21   Found corpse  :11 female captive  :15  polygyny and inheritance  :18  rebellious son.  :22 execution
22   Treatment of animals, cross dressing, bird and chicks, building safety, mixed seeds, plowing, linsey-woolsey, tassels, bride slander, if true, adultery, premarital sex
23   Father’s privates, eunuch, mamzer, Amonite, Moabite (Bil’am), ctr. Edomites, Egyptians. military purity.  runaway slave, prostitution, usury, oaths, pick a picnic
24   Divorce, bridegroom exempt from army, pawning, kidnapping, leprosy, lending, labor law, individual guilt, the powerless*, gleaning*
25   Court, corporal punishment, kindness to animal  :5 levirate marriage  :11 agressive woman, just weights and measures  :29 Remember Amalek (and annihilate)

26   Thanksgiving ritual: recite history  :12 tithe prayer  :16 mutual affirmation -- the people and Yahh
27   Torah monument, worship/ratification at Ebal  :15 amen curses: idolatry, dishonor parents, boundaries, straying the blind, injustice to powerless, incest(x3), bestiality, murder, contract killing, disregard of Torah
28   (Cf Lev 26)  Rewards  :15 punishments  (:58 words of Torah written in this book)  (:69 words of covenant)
29   Understand history  :9 Stand and enter Covenant  :21 warning about future idolatry
30   Repentence  :11 mitsvah at hand.  :15 Choose life: love and obey Yahh vs. idolatry  :20 your life, length
31   Moses’ advice  :7 to Joshua  :9 Torah written, public reading  :18 idolatry warning, rebellious tendencies
32   Hear, sky, earth: poetic theology  :7 history, wilderness, rejection, stupidity  :48 the view from Mt. Nebo

33   This is the blessing, Yahh of the mountains  :7 poetic list of ll tribes  :26 Israel lucky to have such a God
34   One last look, then Moses dies at 120  :10 never again a prophet as great as Moses

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